One of Bella’s most popular necklaces. Makes a wonderful handcrafted the symbolism below.

Gorgeous stainless steel shimmery chain and modern crescent moon pendant. Select your desired length and if you prefer an extender. Shown here as 18”.

Includes lobster clasp, Bellaforma signature tag and rhinestone charm.

All components are quality stainless is excellent for jewelry as it won’t tarnish, discolor or oxidize.

The Crescent Moon...

We love the symbolism of the crescent moon as it speaks to Bellaforma’s own beginnings and evolution through the years.

The crescent moon is a symbol of power that has been recurring in art and spiritual thought for over 30,000 years. The Crescent Moon has been the symbol of the birth of children, new leaders and even new ages. A potent symbol of where you are giving “birth” to new areas of your life. This is when you welcome new ideas for your life and cradle it to maturity.

The Crescent Moon reminds us of the beginning of new relationships, creative efforts, businesses and more in our personal lives.