Care & Repair

We integrate a variety of metals and finishes into our pieces to compliment our artisan style. Please read the product description carefully so you will know what you are purchasing. We predominately use stainless steel metals 304 or 316L for its non-tarnishing, non-discoloring qualities. 

Stainless steel is affordable, durable and it’s modern sleek style makes it our favorite. We are active people who like the outdoors and adventures and are drawn to stainless steel for these reasons AND it’s low maintenance. To clean stainless steel DO NOT use anything other than warm water and mild dish washing soap, nothing abrasive as it may scratch certain components. Water will not harm stainless steel but we don’t recommend wearing in chlorinated pools. All pave pieces should also avoid getting wet. If you care for your jewelry you should enjoy it for many years. 

Sterling silver (stamped .925) can be easily polished and restored to its original luster...We carry a collection of beautiful sterling silver rings and we recommend using a product called Maas metal polish to keep your sterling pieces looking great. Try the French Lavender scent, you can find it on Amazon. If you desire a piece of jewelry in sterling silver please reach out and inquire.

If you purchase any Bella jewelry that states plated silver...these pieces will not have the longevity of sterling silver or stainless steel. However, if you care for them properly you can prevent tarnishing for quite a while. Oxidization/tarnishing occurs when the materials in plated silver are exposed to air, salt, light, humidity or moisture. So to prevent this DO NOT get your plated jewelry wet or leave it in the bathroom exposed to steam. DO NOT leave it in direct sunlight when you aren't wearing your jewelry. Try to keep it in a dark place like a jewelry box between wearings and if you can store it in an anti tarnish cloth or bag even better.

Some people suggest coating your plated silver with clear nail varnish to slow down oxidation....that's up to you. When you remove your jewelry you can wipe it down with a clean soft cloth to remove any traces of salt and oils that can get transferred from the skin while being worn.

If you purchase from us and need a repair done...NO PROBLEM...this happens when a piece is dropped, a stone or glass bead cracks or chips OR a child gets a hold of a stretch bracelet and tries to make the dog wear it as a necklace and oops there it goes!

Send us an email at sandra@bellaformajewelryand we will give you instructions to mail back and the nominal service fee to fix. If we don't have an identical bead or stone we will do our best to match and send you photos. You will be responsible for shipping costs.