If you ever came across a girl with a gypsy soul, she must’ve made some impact on you. Maybe you are one! She was probably like nobody you met before. That free spirited girl was somebody that made you feel comfortable and good about yourself while in her presence, and you would very much like to meet her again.

1. She is a bohemian.

Her spirit is wild and free. She refuses to be tied down with conventions. She doesn’t let society’s rules tie her down. She resents people constantly telling her how to live her life. She has her own path to follow and rivers to flow in.

2. Emotions are her guideline.

She thinks too much and feels too much. She is very considerate of other people’s needs, but she doesn’t neglect her own. She is very empathetic. The bad thing about being extremely emotional is that she can get hurt easily. She can get very happy and very sad with the same ease. Fortunately, she is able to let go of negative emotions quickly.

3. She is unique.

She doesn’t imitate anybody. She is her own person with her own ideas and dreams. She has her own sense of style in every aspect of life. She doesn’t seek acceptance from other people.

4. She relies on her intuition.

She always follows her soul no matter what. She is not afraid of taking chances and living in uncertainty. She is brave even though she might seem thoughtless at times. She is aware of who she is and decides to depend on her intuition.

5. She is adventurous.

Love of traveling is her first love. She lives life to the fullest with her bags always packed and ready to go. She loves changes, and she is always looking for something new. She likes diversity which is why she likes meeting new people and listening to their stories. Otherwise, she might get bored easily. Routine is not her thing.

6. She is a nature lover.

She appreciates and feels the beauty that is nature. Outdoor adventures are her thing. She loves animals. She gets inspired by mountain streams, forests, oceans, rain, snow, and the sun. Whether living in the countryside or the city, she always finds time to spend in nature.

7. She is unpredictable.

Because of her heightened emotions, she can go from extremely happy to extremely sad in a matter of minutes. One minute she is ready to hang out with friends, the other she is canceling her plans. That’s why she is constantly searching for balance in her life.

8. She is self-sufficient.

Her ‘lone time’ is very important to her. She enjoys her own company. When she is alone among her four walls, that’s quite OK. It makes her feel comfortable. She never relies on other people to make her happy; she creates her own happiness.

9. She is an art lover.

When you listen to her speaking about art, you feel like she is exaggerating. But she is really into it, and she understands art. She might even be an artist herself. She is an artist in her own way, anyway—she paints life with her own colors.

10. She finds music in everything.

Music is her drug. It makes her move in ways you can’t even imagine. She enjoys words, rhythm, dance—everything that defines music. Everything that essentially defines life.

11. She has a fire in her gypsy soul.

She does everything with great passion or she doesn’t do it at all. She makes her career, friendships, and relationships based on passion. Passion is her lifestyle.

12. She has a mouth she can’t control.

She simply speaks her mind. She is protective of her ideals and beliefs, and she is not scared to stand up for them. No matter what anybody thinks, she has her own opinions and strong viewpoints.

13. She enjoys her freedom.

She is free-spirited and doesn’t like anything that burdens her or ties her down. Irrelevant if it is a relationship or something else—it has to give her sense of freedom. She runs away from everything that pressures and constrains her.

14. She tends to ask these deep questions.

She is out in search of the deeper meaning of things. She is curious. She asks things like: "What is your life philosophy?".. Which phase of your life did you like best? What’s your biggest regret?” She also sees the deeper meaning behind your words and wants to know what you really meant if you seem like you are hiding something.

15. She has a heart for vintage things.

She admires vintage designs and clothes. She likes old things because they have history and meaning. Sometimes, she finds some old movies, screwball comedies, and other things people nowadays consider outdated.

16. She is a collector of moments.

Material things are not important to her. She can live almost anywhere as long as it is clean and decent. She doesn’t like fancy clothes and designer clothes. She collects moments. She cherishes those special things that she experienced with people she loves.

17. She loves unconditionally.

No matter what you do or how you behave. If you are currently in a good or bad place. She will never judge. She accepts you for who you are. Her love is unquestionable and undeniable. Her love is something you can rely on.

18. She is a wanderer.

She is in a constant search for herself. She wanders around trying to figure out what is it that she really wants from life. That doesn’t scare her. Being lost gives her sense of direction. She always finds new ways to improve herself and is not afraid to take different paths to lead her to her destination, even though she still doesn’t have a clear picture of where that is.

19. She stares life in the face.

She takes everything as it comes. Troubles make her stronger. She welcomes them as a natural part of life. They are bound to happen. So, she just gets through them and accepts them for what they are.

20. She believes that something good is always waiting around the corner.

She is what comes to mind when you hear the word optimist. People usually say that she watched too many romantic movies. Not everything is so peachy. She is always on the lookout for that one little miracle that will change everything for the better. Optimism is food for her soul.

• Written by Leah Lee •

Did you see recognize yourself in some or all of these? I certainly did! 


...eternal optimist, dreamer and adventurer ♥️