Our Story

If you found yourself here at this moment then let’s get to know each other as connections are the foundation to all relationships and business is no different.

We are Bellaforma Jewelry and I'm Sandra Rosa, the owner, model and maker of all our handcrafted designer jewelry. We are located approximately an hour east from San Francisco in a city called Vacaville, which in Spanish means Cow Town. 

a herd of cattle standing on top of a lush green field

We are nature and adventure lovers and if you are too then we probably have a lot in common. Stay connected with us on social media, we are on instagram: @bellaforma_jewelry and Facebook as Bellaforma Jewelry. There you can always visualize more of our designs as I'm prone to modeling our pieces as often as possible. We love it when you share your pics with us showing off your jewelry. Tag us too!

About myself: I’m an east coast girl transplanted here in Cali due to my earlier years in the Air Force and I've been here for 28 years. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Interior Design, I taught myself the ins and outs of jewelry design and Bellaforma became a natural transition. Since 2005 it was mostly my side hustle and my first bracelet stack was purchased while I was wearing it to my daughters ballet practice by the owner of the studio. 

If you love jewelry then you appreciate its ability to personalize YOUR own free spirited style whether it is layering necklaces, a simple cool choker, a great pair of statement earrings or stacking bracelets, jewelry can give you that confident edge in your appearance. It's suppose to be FUN to style yourself and well it helps if its affordable too, and durability is a must because if we love it we want it to stay beautiful forever.

"A woman without jewelry is like a picture without a frame"

Bellaforma has evolved quite a bit after its initial inception (nothing happens overnight lol). It was only through many tiresome years spent reflecting inwardly on happiness, my own peace of mind and a yearning for simplicity that during the process of a difficult divorce I finally decided to start listening to MY passions, really pay attention and follow them. I spent too long in a real estate career I did not love and my spirit was slowing dying. I like to call that living "Comfortably Numb"...thank you Pink Floyd, I totally get it now! 

Through that experience I found the strength and courage to live authentically by facing my fears of starting over in mid life. It can be very challenging and scary, I know this for sure but consistency and a belief in oneself is so important. I‘d say I took a leap of faith but it was really a flight of faith. 

The Bellaforma logo is VERY symbolic, the sweet little bluebird is a universal symbol of happiness...in our logo it’s intentionally encircled in barb wired to represent the confinements many of us place on ourselves. I certainly was that caged bluebird, too intimidated and restricted to follow my true path. 

"What good are wings without the courage to fly?"

a tattoo of a bird

What a joy it is now to follow my passion and escape my own cage. I’m now fully immersed with Bellaforma, flying high and loving this journey of discovery. The word Bellaforma itself means beautiful form in Italian. Our unique designs continue to reflect my deep appreciation of living a simple life and my intrigue with color, specifically how we are drawn to it and how it effects us emotionally. Living in Northern California provides lots of nature therapy and inspiration for Bellaforma. When I am not creating you are likely to find me trying to track down one of my teens, running the local hills, cooking healthy meals, weightlifting or seeking adventure with my partner in crime, biggest supporter, business muse and love of my life.

What we appreciate about operating a small e -commerce business is the ability to give personalized attention to each purchase. Offering free shipping, easy returns and customization for any order is SO important. Little details are critical and that’s why I personally gift wrap every box that leaves the studio. I want you to feel like you gifted yourself because we all need little treaties now and then and YOU deserve it. Buying direct from a designer you will feel the boutique experience without the boutique prices and the Loyalty Rewards Program earns you free jewelry! Yes, many pieces are gifted to our customers because we love to show our appreciation back, we know you have an infinite amount of choices so thank you for purchasing with us.

a stack of flyers on a table

On a final note...(are you still with me?) 

When our customers give Bellaforma as gifts it touches us...we want you, our loyal customers, to trust that when you purchase through us that you are receiving quality stylish jewelry that you will love wearing for years. 

In closing we encourage anyone who is searching for happiness to live with less, give more, get in touch with nature and of course unlock that cage and let your bluebird fly.



   a person posing for the camera