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Simple and stylish handcrafted toggle necklace made to the length you desire.

Easy front closure and comfortable to wear with our popular 7x4mm link chain.

20mm compass pendant with 4 embedded rhinestones at N, S, E and W.

Shown wearing at 18”. 
All materials are quality stainless steel, excellent for jewelry as it won’t tarnish, corrode or oxidize.

You are ordering based on chain length with the pendant drop an additional 1 1/2” long.

OPTION: leave a note with your order if you prefer no toggle and a traditional lobster clasp in back.   

A reminder to stay the course!

A Special Star

The North Star is the brightest star in the constellation known as the Little Dipper. It occupies a special position relative to Earth’s axis. If you were to stay up all night gazing at the stars, you’d slowly see them revolve around a point in the sky known as the North Celestial Pole. However one star remains stationary. This is the North Star, named for its location almost directly in line with the North Celestial Pole.