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Inspiration for many of us can come in so many different ways. I get inspired by nature, the beauty of it, the sheer force of it and the incredible resilience of it. I see it a lot here in Northern CA where this area can suffer from devastating wild fires and incredibly dry landscape. Somehow when the rains finally come again which is typically Nov thru April it’s like a rebirth! The brown dull hills become this amazing rolling blanket of green and it is pure eye candy, very much like being in a different place, almost feels like I’m transported to another country like Ireland. So in my jewelry designs lately I’m creating more deeper neutral tones like gunmetal, bronzes and mixed metallics. I’m also using earthy stones like jasper and black lava, which is a grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth. ♥️

a woman standing in front of a mountain

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New Styles!

New Styles!

Gorgeous weather in Northern California this week...spent a whole afternoon photographing some new men’s bracelets around San Francisco on Monday. Telegraph Hill where the beautiful Coit Tower stands is one of my favorite places.

I’m updating all my mens styles and utilizing stainless steel elements as I’m so impressed with the quality and durability. If you haven’t checked them out please do. A lot of leather has just rolled into the studio with some stainless steel magnetic clasps and I can’t wait to pair some of my beaded bracelets with leather. If you haven’t subscribed yet...let’s do this! You will get exclusive deals that only subscribers have access to and to all my current subscribers a giant Thank you! So glad we connected! 

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From 8/20 to 8/25 I will be doing Flash sales once a day at random times marking some items down.

I really hate letting a week go by without a blog post but I am guilty. I've been doing some FB ads to test my target audience and I have been trying to actively post on my FB page as well as my IG and I figured this week would be a great week to test some of the features of my new website.

I discovered I can't offer simultaneous discount codes and right now with code Freeship if I want to offer another discount I have to just mark the product on sale. SO hence FLASHSALES this week! They are fun and hopefully I will get some engagement...yesterdays Flashpost sold this morning from a loyal Canadian customer. My tagline with Canadians is that I have never met a Canadian I don't like! Must be something in the water. 

So here's today's bracelet stack on FLASH...Marked down 25%, its called SUMMER STRENGH and I love the colors...hope you do too. You can find it in the Bracelet Stack Collection. If you don't follow me on FB or IG please do and you will see these sales pop up in your feed. Sandra xo

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Happy Tuesday, I've been simultaneously working on orders and getting some new bracelet stacks created. Last night I made a new Collection on the website called New Bella Styles and I will put all my new pieces there as well as in their correct category.

By far bracelets are my favorite to create and I truly can't leave the house without some arm candy! I think a lot of my customers from years ago to present know me for my bracelets...I've even had friends say when they are online and see another friend wearing one in an instagram post that they automatically know its something I've created before even noticing if I am tagged in the that tells me people can recognize my style. It takes a bit to get all these separately photographed, named and proper descriptions posted so I will be doing that today!

a close up of a flower garden

So, my dear friend Sami in Oregon said she wanted to see more bracelets so I'm going to focus on making more of those right now and I'm making some really cool leather and silver earrings, I'm trying several different designs...look forward to sharing with you! 

I am still trying to come up with a name for this blog...right now Jewelry Blog is ridiculously boring!!! I need something fun...but until it strikes me Boring Blog it is LOL. On a happy unrelated jewelry note I got my second drivers license in the mail today...second one in 6 weeks as I have an official last name change back to my maiden name and first time in I didn't realize I could have VETERAN status put directly on my only required a quick trip to VA office to get a signature but it was worth going back a second time and dealing with DMV to have the pic retaken. Although the first pic came out pretty damn good and you know what I was thinking...the second pic is going to look like shit and I will be mad as heck. Well low and behold...the VA and DMV gods worked in my favor and the second pic with the new status on it was even better. Whew! I won't even tell you about my new passport photo...the lighting in Costco ...OMG is so unflattering. BUT...if you need a passport photo FYI Costco is $4.99 and guess what CVS is $14.99....ummm what gives??? Luckily I don't leave the country much so although I contemplated retaking that pic I opted not to. Ha ha..ok happy day to you...back to work for me. xo


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Feeling on top of the world right now as I am about to launch this website...its come along rather quickly and is such a learning process as I was very intimidated at first BUT I don't like to live like that! Just jump right in and face your fears and NEVER be afraid to ask questions. That would be what I would tell others so I need to harness that same power within. 

Getting my shipping rates in order was my biggest obstacle and one I thought was VERY having an ETSY shop and using their competitive rates I did not want to lose that. Sooooo my rates are right in line and Bellaforma Jewelry is currently offering free shipping with code FREESHIP on all domestic orders until I can offer you a better promotion. 

Looking forward to getting back to posting on IG and creating...and maybe playing around with this blog some more. It's fun!! Here's a pic from Lake Tahoe in June climbing Mt. Tallac...such an epic adventure of a different kind. xo

a person standing next to a body of water

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Ohhhh I had a fuzzy visitor today!!! Her name is Bella and she is 10lbs of joy. She loves licking the remains of my yogurt bowl so while I continue to load product on my new site she is keeping me company. If you are wondering....I did not name my biz after her came first then Bella came after and I got her at a year old and she was already named Bella. Classic! Anyways...I’m shooting for an Aug 1st finale on the love has been helping me tremendously and I’m so grateful navigating this crazy world of technology. ♥️ Continue reading

Gotta take a moment!

a person taking a selfie in a room

Getting this website up and running is rewarding but have been letting other things cleaning my house!! So taking some moments to breathe and get organized. I am one of those people that absolutely hit a wall and can not function if things get beyond disorganized. So, hair up and vacuum out!! xo

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Just returned from a quick overnight adventure at Carmel beach. Working on designing this website and creating all my content is a fun process but taking a beach break is good for the soul. Paul and I discovered some random driftwood and I challenged him to spell out LOVE. We scoured around and found large and small pieces and he got creative with the seaweed to make an O. Once we positioned the letters I was able to capture this epic pic!!

LOVE for the win ...


a boat sitting on top of a sandy beach

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