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Loyalty Reward Program

Here at Bellaforma we like to keep things simple. As we continue to foster connections with our customers we love to show our gratitude in return. Our Loyalty Reward Program is point based and for every dollar you spend up to $250.00 you earn a point. Once you have reached 250 points you will receive a personalized code for $50.00 off any regular priced ONE TIME purchase on the website as a thank you and introduction to our brand. Once you receive your code we won’t count your points any longer... an added bonus will be given to you for being a VIP loyal customer!

*Cannot be combined with another discount code and rings are excluded.



Q. Do I have to sign up?

A. No, you immediately accumulate reward points via your purchases. 

Q. Do I need to keep track of my points?

A. Not at all. Our software will track it for you and your future packing slips will remind you of the points you have.

Q. What will happen when I reach my point value of 250? How do I receive my code?

A. Your personalized code will be written on your packing slip and will be good for a one time use on our site. Other discount codes cannot be combined with our reward program but we are happy to provide free shipping as always.

Q. Can I gift my points to a friend?

A. Your email is tied to your points and that’s how we keep track so it’s best you complete the purchase for them.

Q. What happens if my points exceed 250? Will I keep accumulating?

A. It is just a ONE time reward code for shopping with us. Once you hit 250 points we will assign you a code to shop and points will no longer be tracked.

Q. How do I know how many points I already have?

A. If you don’t recall your past purchases with us you can either email us directly to find out or you will see your points written on your packing slip with your latest order.

Happy Shopping and THANKS for being part of our Loyalty Reward Program, we appreciate YOU!

Your Bella Team