Custom Orders

Our inventory can evolve depending on demand. If something is out of stock please inquire if you are interested. Or...if you are looking to have something made for yourself or would like to order a personalized gift please note these particulars are very helpful:

1. Style ..try to provide pics and tell us what elements you are attracted to OR just be as specific as you can. We will provide our design skills to make your vision come to life.

2. Budget...We are happy to work with you, if we know what price range you would like to stay in then we can give you a better idea of what we can do for you. If you want stainless steel, sterling silver or plated silver please be specific.

3. Size..If we are making a bracelet or bracelet stack custom for you then sizing is important. Please measure your wrist snugly. If you don't have a tape measure then wrap a string around your wrist and measure with a ruler. If you like your bracelets snug then add 1/2”-3/4", if you like them a little loose then add 1" for your finished size. My wrist measures 6" and I prefer mine 6 3/4”.


Or TEXT 707-305-6605.

Time frame is generally 1-3 weeks depending on if we need to source materials. If everything we have is in our inventory then it is typically 2-3 days. We will try our best to give you an estimate on price based on your desired piece. Please keep in mind if you see something you like and want a larger or smaller size the bead placement may change slightly.. meaning we may have to add or subtract from the style you like to get your sizing correct. 

We would encourage you to visit our Instagram gallery, (@bellaforma_jewelry) you may get some ideas and you will see more of Bellaforma's particular design style. Children's sets or name bracelets can be made upon request, they always make great gifts!

Custom orders are NOT returnable or eligible for discounts. Components for your desired piece will be hand selected for you and the design custom to your specifications.

Finally, we will either email you or text you photos of the completed piece then invoice you so you can purchase and enjoy.


Gift wrapping is always free and we don't know anyone who would not find it special and thoughtful to have something made just for them. Always happy to ship direct to your recipient as well with a gift message.


Bellaforma Jewelry