August 21, 2018 1 min read


From 8/20 to 8/25 I will be doing Flash sales once a day at random times marking some items down.

I really hate letting a week go by without a blog post but I am guilty. I've been doing some FB ads to test my target audience and I have been trying to actively post on my FB page as well as my IG and I figured this week would be a great week to test some of the features of my new website.

I discovered I can't offer simultaneous discount codes and right now with code Freeship if I want to offer another discount I have to just mark the product on sale. SO hence FLASHSALES this week! They are fun and hopefully I will get some engagement...yesterdays Flashpost sold this morning from a loyal Canadian customer. My tagline with Canadians is that I have never met a Canadian I don't like! Must be something in the water. 

So here's today's bracelet stack on FLASH...Marked down 25%, its called SUMMER STRENGH and I love the colors...hope you do too. You can find it in the Bracelet Stack Collection. If you don't follow me on FB or IG please do and you will see these sales pop up in your feed. Sandra xo

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